Can Face Masks Protect Us From Covid – 19?

Can Face Masks Protect Us From Covid – 19?

One of the most contradictory topics nowadays is the effectiveness of face masks against Covid-19. So, after all, can a face mask protect us against the coronavirus?

The answer is, yes, if it is a special “N95 respirator” type of mask and no, if it is a plain face mask or a simple medical surgical mask.

However, each face mask can decrease the chance of getting or spreading the Covid-19 disease. This means that if you are in public space and put a simple disposable face mask, the chance of spreading a certain airborne diseases is lower than if do not have a face mask at all. The mask can be a barrier for small droplets released while coughing and sneezing, as well as it can be a shield if instinctively we try to touch our month and nose while we are outside. Check here various types of disposable face masks.

The World Health Organization has published instructions about how to use a disposable face mask that you can find here.

Can Face Masks Protect Us From Covid – 19?

A good protection from airborne diseases can be the “N95 respirator” type of mask that covers well your nose and mouth and the area around them and has a special filter that blocks at least 95 percent of the very small test particles. Examples of such masks you can find here.

Whichever kind of mask you choose for protection, mind that the personal hygiene is as important as wearing a personal protective equipment. Wash your hands regularly, do not touch your mouth and nose unless your hands are well disinfected, avoid close contact in public spaces, in case you happen to sneeze or cough, cover your mount with the inside bend of your elbow or with a part of your body with which you are unlikely to touch surfaces around you or people around you.

In case you are diagnosed with Covid-19 or have had a contact with a person tested positive for this disease, remember that the best protection for you and the people around you is to stay home and limit your contacts to a maximum.